Hello Welcome to Lha’s blog – Tashi Delek!!!

Hello and welcome to Lha’s new blog,

The idea behind this blog is to give the staff, volunteers and students of Lha the opportunity to share their experiences with Lha.

So please feel free to register by clicking on the link on the sidebar and share your experiences, good or bad!


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One thought on “Hello Welcome to Lha’s blog – Tashi Delek!!!

  1. We travelled to India because we wanted to disappear, to fit in with people like us. In Daramshala, we found friends, a lot of friends. Our mission was to teach to Tibetan refugees at LHA. We ended up learning more from them that they probably did from us. The story they have shared is not written in any books. But now it’s written in our soul. My next book will be about them because I am fascinated with the life of those people , how they manage to live and survive in some extreme situations. I want to show the world how inspiring they are. They have found something that us (occidentals) have lost a long time ago: the human connection…

    The Tibetans refugees we met at LHA are the most inspiring people we had ever met . We also shared our time with volunteers: energetic and enthusiastic as we are. We became friends with monks who made us enter into their inner world. It was the most amazing experience in our life.

    Thanks you !

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