Lha- Excellent Social Work Resource

In 2009 I conducted a social work field practicum for my BSW degree along with a quantitative research project. The Director of Lha, Ngawang Rabgyal, provided excellent guidance in helping to facilitate my research with other organizations as well he taught me a great deal about the administration of an Indian Charitable Trust. I was provided the opportunity to work on grants, fund raising, as well as help with the clothing distribution. The staff at Lha were also very engaging and helped me to adjust to the social service setting of Lha. I was too scared to teach English but was given an opportunity to conduct my research in their classrooms which provided a wonderful opportunity to interact with the students and hear their views. Just wanted to post something about the incredible experience Lha offered during my educational experience of a social work field practicum. Thanks Lha for all you give to not only the Tibetans but the many international travelers who you provide such an engaging experience. Keep up the good work.