Former Student Woser’s Testimonial

Former student Woser’s Testimonial

I can remember the morning of the 25th, April 2006, when I went to Super Beginners’ class at Lha. It was the first time I had joined an English class in my life, and at that time, I only really knew the English alphabet. Today, when I look back, I am much more knowledgeable about English than before. Now, I can speak, write and translate general words into English. So this is not only thanks to my diligence, but mainly thanks to the great kindness of the staff members and volunteer teachers of Lha. They have given so much through their hard work, and serve society always. Their work benefits many refugees very much, like me. When we were in Tibet, most of us didn’t get an opportunity to learn, because we had to live under Chinese suppression. When we arrived in a free country, we were quite old, so therefore, we could not join any schools or colleges. Fortunately, we could join Lha, because Lha classes have rules, different levels, timetables and subjects that are suitable to us. We will never forget their sincerity and kindness. Also, we must respect them and we know they serve only us, not themselves.

My opinion is that Lha has the steadiest and best of all voluntary classes in McLeod Ganj. Many foreigners recognize that and they therefore like to volunteer at Lha for a long time. This is not just flattery, but my personal experience as I have been there for a long time. Lastly, I hope Lha classes will continue for a long time and that volunteer teachers and staff members of Lha will always be successful in their lives. My request is that all Lha students must keep the rules of Lha and respect them please!! Thanks very much to the members of Lha for giving me a good opportunity to talk about my opinions of Lha.

by Woser (Shine)

student of Lha 24 10 2007