Former Student Ginpa Gyatso testimonial

My name is Ginpa Gyatso. I was born in a nomadic family. I went to school for three years when I was a child but I couldn’t go to school contentiously because my family needed me to help to look after our domestic animals. So, I stopped going to school. Anyway I couldn’t get a good opportunity to study when I was a teenager. That’s why I escaped from my family to Lhasa as a pilgrim when I turned 20 and I visited many monasteries and palaces around Lhasa. One day I met a man at a restaurant who returned from India to Tibet. We had some cups of tea and he told me about India, therefore I asked him some questions about how to get to India? He gave me some advice about what to do and where to go and also he helped me to find a guide. Then I prepared clothes and food, and then I determined to come to India on foot across Mount Khelasha and passed the border of Nepal and Tibet. It took almost 45 days to arrive in Nepal.

After ward I got in India and I got an audience with H.H.The Dalai Lama and Karmapa by the way I got a tiny opportunity to learn English and Tibetan in the Tibet transit school for a few months then I left my school and I came to McLoed Ganj to improve my poor English. I stayed here for one week but I couldn’t find a better English class. But fortunately, I have found a better English class, which is Lha’s free English class. Lha is a non-profit community social work organization. Their mission is to provide social services to both Tibetan refugees and local residents. Their main programmed include a language, Yoga, and computer class, clothing Distribution and Health Education. Initially I came to Lha class’s office and I enquired about prerequisites for attending the class and they gave a test because they didn’t know which class they could allow me to take and they registered and took a picture from me so, they wanted to know the level of my English. After that I got student card from Lha office on Friday. They admitted me to the class on Monday fifth of December in 2006. In the Lha class I have been learning English for more than one year. I have got a golden opportunity to learn English, train computer, practice Yoga, and if I get sick I will get free medicine.

So, I’m extremely grateful for all the staff members of Lha social workers organization because I have been in Lha class more than one year and I got more knowledge and experience. In my opinion I found that the Lha class is the most stable and helpful class around this area. In this area there are some English classes but those are unstable and they couldn’t continue their work until it succeeds. The staff members of Lha they put all their energy and effort into their work and they always think globally and act locally to serve our Tibetan refugees and local residents, also the civilization of Tibetans and others as well. The Lha organization has been very successful over the year, because of their hard work, assistance from sponsors, donations as well as donors around the world. Therefore I appreciate their hard work, donors, sponsors, and supporters. Furthermore, I hope a person who is interested in doing social work will attempt to support Lha social services organization For our students we never waste precious time and never damage their hard work. We must study hard as much as we can day by day and frequently come to class on time and also we always respect them. Ultimately, I hope our class will exist as long as possible and I sincerely give special thanks to our staff member of Lha class and the sponsors of Lha class. Date: 12/8/07.