Lha’s new social services

Every year different groups from around the world ask H.H. the Dalia Lama for teachings, whether on Introduction to Buddhism or Training of Mind, Peace, analysis of religious texts, etc. Most of these teachings happen here in Dharamsala at his temple. With every teaching initiated, local Tibetans will be there for his blessing, tourists will be there who are either interested in Buddhism or wanting to experience a different culture. Lots of domestic tourists (mostly Indian) come as well; wanting to see the “Dalai Lama” they have always heard of.

There is always a crowd during his teaching, and the Tibetan security office has to do lots of tasks all at the same time, while their main priority remains to safeguard His Holiness. In such chaos they cannot risk allowing anyone to enter with modern day gadgets/technology or electronic items which could be harmful in such a gathering.
In today’s world it is nearly impossible to keep such items away from people; it is just part of our life. It is now habit for everyone to keep cell-phones and cameras all the time on them all the time. But rules are rules; we can’t risk His Holiness’s life for such habits, and security has to prohibit carrying these items, causing inconvenience to many people.
So this time, we at Lha Charitable Trust initiated another social service in this community where we set up a booth staffed by 3 to 4 people whose main purpose is to keep visitors’ cell-phones, cameras and other items which they brought unknowingly, as well as those items which were rejected by security guards. We initiated this service to save people’s time, rather than making them go all the way back to their guest house or home. We also wanted to make things less complicated and convenient to many who need cell phones right after the teachings. Also during our service, we set up a speaker and announced the availability of the free Contact Magazine (which is now officially registered in Lha’s name). We also distributed free information on the Tibet issue, health magazines published by the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) and a book on environmental issues in Tibet (written by our Director Ngawang Rabgyal in the Tibetan language)
Our new social service for the three days during H.H.’s teachings was highly successful, efficient, and useful to many people.
At the end of the third day, all of us who participated in could take long contented breath. It was fun, it was tiring and challenging, but we are glad that we didn’t give up. There are many people who helped out – all the Lha staff; our volunteers who were selfless and helped us with no complaints; Terry, Andy, Zack, Alicia and others… for our success, we thank you.