Lha’s Clear Vision project 2012



The gift of vision is something that enriches life and highlights the small pleasures of every day existence; Lha’s eye care project-2012 was put into action in response to the above sentiment. The project is meant to benefit people who have limited resources and are underprivileged in terms of both financial means as well as awareness of options available to improve sight.

The project, which lasted for a month and a half, included the testing of 105 people of all ages, free of cost, and provided quality eye glasses to a total of 80 individuals, also free of cost. In addition, the project refunded 37 people for the medicines required for their eyes.

This is the third free eye care project that has been successfully concluded, helping many people who would otherwise have been financially incapable or generally unaware of any treatment or cure for their ailing sight. The 2012 project started in mid-September and concluded by the end of October and was handled by Lha staff as well as two volunteers, Mariana Abbate from Brazil and Massimo Giacchino from Italy, who believed in our vision and contributed their time and efforts to the project.

This year’s funding was made possible by the very generous Aubrey Lynne  who shares with us the importance of this project that emphasizes the promotion of health care in the community and which has brought about changes in the lives of the people involved. We would like to extend our sincere thank you to her for her philanthropic gesture. 

Lha's Clear Vision project 2012