Lha’s fourth water filter installation


The Installation of a brand new filter water system was celebrated by the students of TCV Day School in McLeod Ganj on the 14th of November,  coinciding with Children’s day.
The filter system is an RO+UV+ UF and TTS, considered one of the best filtered water systems available in the area. This filtration system has the 500-liter capacity steel tank and can provide more than 100 liters of clean and safe drinking water per hour to the students, their teachers and staff members.
The filtered water is to be used not only for drinking but also for cooking, thereby improving the quality of food served at the school. Additionally, we installed a water dispenser providing instant filtered hot and cold water. We expect that these improvements will help to alleviate some of the waterborne illnesses children commonly suffer from in this region, especially during the monsoon season, and that it will contribute to maintaining a high level of general health among the students.
This installation marks the fourth filter water system that Lha Charitable Trust has installed in the community and we would like to thank the generous contribution by Mr. Luke from the United Kingdom who has made this improvement to the TCV Day School possible. Everyone at Lha and also from TCV Day School conveys their heartfelt gratitude for him for this much needed and vital gift. Thank you for your act of compassion.