Learning Computers as well as English

Jigmat RangdolMy name is Jigmat Rangdol. I am from Ladakh. I am 23 years old. I have been here since three months ago. I am studying English here with the hope of getting a better education which I never had before.

There are so many classes in McLeod Ganj and I am studying in Lha Academy now. My knowledge of the way of speaking English is improving day by day. In McLeod Ganj we can learn so many languages, but among all these I think English is the most important and useful in our life.

I think the best way of improving English is to learn the alphabet and gradually to read, to write and to speak English. The listening, speaking, writing and reading are important skills we need to develop in learning English. Not only these but practicing grammar and pronunciation are also important.

Before I came here I heard about Lha Academy. At that time I thought it was only for Tibetan refugees, but it is absolutely not what I thought. This Academy is not only for Tibetans but also for other people who belong to different countries.

Finally, I want to say thanks to Lha Academy because not only am I learning English but now I get a free computer class here.