Learning Self-Confidence

Chuskit AngmoMyself, I am Chuskit Angmo. I am from Ladakh. I have been here since three months because my main purpose is to study English. So, I joined Lha Academy. Here, English classes and conversation classes are very good because of the experienced teachers.

In the beginning some of the students can’t read and write the alphabet but gradually they learn from the teachers. When I first came here I had no confidence to speak English in front of other people, and also I used to hesitate, but slowly and steadily I improved my way of speaking.

I think the English language is important and useful for us. English is the language of England. During the time of imperialism Great Britain had so many countries as its colonies. Therefore, gradually the English language spread in all those countries and to other parts of the world. So, as English is spoken or used worldwide, it became an international language. So, if we speak English we can go anywhere in this world. I am learning English because I want to teach English in Ladakh for those students who are not going to school.

In Lha Academy, we can learn not only English but different languages like French, Tibetan, Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.

And last, I want to say immense thanks to Lha Academy which gives me self confidence and leads me towards a beautiful life.