Lha Dental Care and Clear Vision Project.

Lha has been continuously providing Dental and Eye care assistance to the community for the past six years under its Clear Vision Project. The project was started in 2009 with small surplus budget and has benefited over 745 people with 258 free distributions of eye glasses since then.

Lha's DentalThis year Lha has successfully accomplished a Free Dental Care and Eye care program in Bir, District of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. On 14th November, 2014 around 378 people were benefited in different ways such as Teeth check up, cleaning, take out, Medicine, etc.

There were 174 people who had and 23 people who had teeth X-rays, new teeth for 18 people, Teeth cap for 9 people and Braces for 5 people.

On 17th December Lha organized a Free Eye Care Program under its Clear Vision Project in the same locality. There were around 71 people who took part in this program and have been benefited in different ways such as Eye check up for 35 people, Eye medicine for 14 people and Eye glasses for 32 people.

More number of monks and nuns from Himalayan Regions who are pursuing Buddhist studies in the Local Monasteries took part in Dental Care and Clear Vision program and had been benefited besides the local Tibetan residents.

Lha on behalf of all the beneficiaries would like to thank all the generous sponsors and dedicated supporters, especially Louisiana Himalaya Association (LHA) for making this program a success and hope that you will continue your support to expand our services to benefit more people in the future.