Lha’s New Exchange student group from USA

Frostburg State University 3They were welcomed by Ms. Dukthen Kyi who did an introductory presentation about our organization. Later they were introduced to their mutual learning partner.

The group attended a talk in the afternoon on Tibet’s current situation and politics by the honourable Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile Mr. Penpa Tsering, followed by question and answer session.

On 20th Jan. the group volunteered at the Lha Community Soup Kitchen helping our cooks and serving the food. In the afternoon they visited Tibetan Women’s Association to learn more about the Tibetan Women’s rights and education in exile community.

Frostburg State University 2The Group met with Ven. Bakdro, an ex-political prisoner on the following day. They were thrilled and deeply touched by his personal stories of inhumane experiences in Chinese prison in Tibet, his escape to India and future plans and commitments to work for the freedom of Tibetan people.

Frostburg State University 4On 22nd Jan.His Eminence Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche talks on an introduction to Buddhism, Non-violence and Meditation to the group. By going through the life of Buddha as young Siddhartha, Rinpoche explained The Four Truths, and said non-violence is an indispensable branch [for the practice of the four].

During the ensuing Question-Answer session, Rinpoche explained in great details: The three aspects of meditations; Calm Abiding and Special Insight; the stages of meditation; the obstacles to meditation–mental sinking, scattering, and so on; and, education.

As a part of Leadership and Experiential Learning at Frostburg State University, the students and the professors were astonished and amazed by the vast and deep rooted Buddhist culture of Tibetan community and the esteemed guest lecturers have enlightened their thoughts and perspective on Tibetan History and current situation inside Tibet besides the culture and Buddhism.