20th Clean Water Project at Tibetan Library, Gangkyi

On 10th June 2015, Lha installed its 20th reverse osmosis water purification system under the Clean Water Project at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA).

The LTWA was founded by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in order to preserve the precious manuscripts of Tibet.

Clean Water Project At Tibetan Library 2

The cornerstone for the Library’s impressive Tibetan-style building was laid on 11th June 1970 in the hill station of Dharamshala, northern India of the exiled Tibetan community.

Located within the premises of the Central Tibetan Administration, the LTWA was accorded the status of National Library, Museum and Archive by the Parliament-in-exile.

Clean Water Project At Tibetan Library 3Having begun its life with humble collections of manuscripts and books in Tibetan and English, the Library is now a repository for significant collections of artifacts, manuscripts and other records, while also serving as a centre for language and cultural education. At present there are more than 95 staff members, 300 students and more than twenty visitors every day.

The water purification system is an RO+UV+UF and TTS, and is considered one of the best systems available in the area. The system can provide 22 liters of hot and cold safe drinking water per hour to the visitors, students and the staff members of the LTWA.

Clean Water Project At Tibetan Library 4We hope this water purification system will help to alleviate major waterborne illnesses like typhoid and cholera that residents commonly suffer from in this region, especially during the monsoon season. We believe that this will contribute to maintaining a high level of general health among the public.

We plan to install more such systems in Tibetan settlements, nunneries, monasteries and schools through the help of our generous donors around the world. So far around 7950 people have benefited from the Lha Clean Water Project.

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  1. It’s truly wonderful to see this project continue. Clean water can be such a delicate resource in this area, particularly around monsoon season.

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