Cultural Exchange Group from Centenary College

The group, consisting of nine students and their professor Dr David Otto reached Dharamshala on May 9. The group was here to explore the Tibetan refugee community and to learn more about Tibetan culture, Buddhism and the Tibet issue.

Centenary college 2During their stay in Dharamshala the group, led by group leader Michael Smith, took part in different activities including the mutual learning programme and talks on Tibetan traditional medicine.

Centenary college 3After their arrival, the students were introduced to Lha’s students and met their Tibetan mutual learning partners. Every day, the partners spent around three hours together, discussing topics of interest and sharing information about each other and their cultures.

On May 26, the final day of the Centenary students’ stay, a farewell gathering was organised at Lha’s Ahimsa House where they had been staying, and they were joined by their Tibetan mutual learning partners.

Lha would like to thank the students for vising the Tibetan community here in Dharamshala, and to wish you all the very best for the future.

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