Americans and Tibetans Team up to Share Cultural Experiences

This month, Lha welcomed two student groups, one from Tulane University and another from the Rustic Pathway.

Tulane University 2The Tulane group stayed at Lha’s Ahimsa House in McLeod Ganj and during their time with us they explored the town and the Tibetan refugee community and learned about Tibetan culture, Buddhism and the Tibet issue.

Tulane University 3The students from both groups took part in different activities around town, including the mutual learning programme. They were introduced to Lha’s students and teamed up with their Tibetan learning partners. Every day, the mutual learning partners spent around three hours together, discussing topics of interest and sharing information about each other and their cultures.

Rustic pathway 1They also visited different Tibetan organisations to learn about Tibetan issues and government, and how the exile community works to address the human rights abuses and hardships suffered by the people living in Tibet, as well as preserving and promoting the Tibetan religion, language and culture.

Rustic pathway 2Lha wishes all the students the very best for their future studies.

Lha hosts between 150 and 320 students each year under the cultural exchange programme. Last year, Lha hosted 17 different groups from the USA, Mexico and Australia.