You Never Stop Learning

Volunteer Job at Lha: English Tutor and assistant in Lha Tibet Fair Trade Shop

EDward with his StudentIn England it is often believed that the best time to learn is as a young child, and that particularly with languages it becomes harder to learn as you get older. This can often lead to a feeling of disillusionment amongst school leavers. When I left school I did not know how to continue learning and growing as a person, or even what might be possible.

After my involvement in Lha’s language teaching operation over the last

month my worries have been completely dispelled. I came to Mcleod Ganj hoping that I would be able to offer some small contribution to the huge cause Lha has been involved in for the Tibetan people living in India, but what I did not expect was the profound effect the Tibetan people here would have on me.

The quiet dedication and never-ending positive outlook of both the students and the workers at Lha has been an inspiration to me; from the older monks, to the youngest students, all the Tibetans here share a common thirst for knowledge.

Every aspect of life in Mcleod Ganj has inspired me to continue to learn. As I sit here in the Lha office I can see the schoolyard where children in school uniforms, and some in monks’ robes, are playing football together below strings of brightly coloured flags. Beyond them is a view of Himachal Pradesh fading into the distance. The Tibetans I have worked with remain humble and kind, and continue to strive to learn, despite the ongoing injustice they face every day. It has been impossible not to be moved by their stoicism.

The aura surrounding Mcloud Ganj is infectious, and has been since I arrived. Whether it has been seeing HH the 14th Dalai Lama speak outside his home, or being taught to cook Tingmo and Roti by my homestay family, I have found it impossible not to learn more each day in Mcleod Ganj.

I thought I would be the one doing the teaching, but what I’ve learnt is that you never stop learning, and the people at Lha have given me knowledge that far outweighs the knowledge I have tried to impart to them. Thank you everyone at Lha for being an inspiration to me, and anyone who wishes to never stop learning!