Acupuncture for the Tibetan Community

COMPASSION IN ACTION 1Dr Dong Giao Tran, his wife, Sanh Hy Ngyuyen and friend, Uyen Trinh who are Vietnamese   devotees from US and Canada came to provide a volunteer acupuncture service through Lha. Dr Tran Dong Giao is a traditional Chinese herbalist and an acupuncturist.

COMPASSION IN ACTION 2They have been providing a volunteer acupuncture treatment to the residents of Jampaling home for elderly people and other patients from the community for two weeks. They’ve treated 80 people, 50 from Jampaling and 30 other people from the community.

COMPASSION IN ACTION 3As well as donating their time, the three volunteers generously gave steel vacuum flask for the people at Jampaling with door and window curtains for all. They also gave pocket money of Rs 500 each including the staff at Jampaling. They also sponsored Lha Soup Kitchen for two weeks. They are looking forward to coming back in the future and helping more people.

COMPASSION IN ACTION 4On behalf of the local community, Lha would like to sincerely thank them for their time, service and kindness.