Dental and clear vision projects 2015

This year’s programme provided 248 people with medical check-ups,utra sounds, X-rays, blood tests and urine and stool tests, and 92 people were provided with freemedicine.

125 people received dental care including check-ups, cleaning, x-rays, tooth filling, dental scaling, etc, with tooth extractions, nine root canal treatments, and 22people provided with free medicine.

Eye Project 201586 people were treated under the eye care project, including 85 eye check-ups and provision of glasses. One person was prescribed and issued with medicine for their eye condition.

As well as Tibetan refugees, many monks and nuns from the Himalayan regions who are pursuing Buddhist studies in the local monasteries also benefited from this programme. On behalf of all the beneficiaries, Lha would like to thank our generous sponsors, particularly the Louisiana Himalayan Association, for their continuous support.