Key to academic success

The speaker was Mr Gyaltsen, former Education Officer of the Department of Education at the Central Tibetan Administration and a Lha volunteer.

The primary aim of the event was to motivate the students by giving them essential tips on how to become good learners. Mr Gyaltsen explained to students how to foster the right mindset for learning.

He emphasisedthat real learning takes place only when students step out of their comfort zones. He also stressed the need to treat failures and mistakes as a part of the learning process.

educational talk  2His talkwas followed by a lively question and answer session with the students. Around 250 students attended and the school expressed their appreciation.

Mr Gyaltsen studied for his MPhil at the University of Cambridge in England, and his EdMa t Columbia University in America.

He has many years of teaching experience and has completed a research project Teachers’ Attitudes towards Ability Grouping in Tibetan School Context. Currently he is volunteering at Lha Charitable Trust.