Thank you and see you soon

I find myself remembering this beautiful writer from Lithuania, who first visited Tibet in the 90’s and then revisited whenever she could till the year she passed away.

Monika Photo: Lha

Photo: Lha

Her ideas, the books she wrote, drawings she made, Buddhist teachings she learnt – it was massive influence to me and my own picture of Tibet. I believe these experiences became set in my unconscious, which developed to thinking of Tibet a bit more and in depth when I was older.

It took me some time to find an opportunity to put my life on hold and take a small trip, but I am very happy I managed it! After my previous experiences of volunteering, I set myself a reason why I am going to Tibet. It was a slightly spontaneous or destined decision to come and share very little time of mine with the Tibetan community. After an unsuccessful visa application to Tibet, I did not cancel my plans and discovered this small, but extremely beautiful community in India, in McLeod Ganj, the little Tibet.

It was the greatest six weeks of my life and because of one very important reason – people! The people who live here, study or work here, people who come from all around the world, who just stop by… All these beautiful people, who care, work, believe and share their love and happiness with others. At this magical place called Lha, I was lucky enough to be able to do the same with students and the Lha team as well as other volunteers!


Monika with Rabsel Photo: Lha

English conversation classes opened for me secret doors to meet the students, to see their open strong hearts with their fears and faiths; they gave me such a rewarding exchange of inspirations and thoughts. Giving support with administrative tasks in the office, despite the work itself, gave me an incredible opportunity to meet the Lha team and the kindest and one of the most special Tibetans – Rabsel Ji. He was extremely generous and shared with me some of his experiences, beautiful thoughts and views of life. Another very crucial part of my trip was meeting other volunteers, creating this great time and building new friendships.

My stay at McLeod Ganj will always stay in my mind until my return again and again. I am very grateful that I had chance to learn, face some of the things I had learned about and to get closer. This all raised new questions and thoughts inside of me, what else I could do next time, how to expand love and care from Europe to India, to Tibet and to whole world. As after all, with dark sides, challenges, with pain and struggle here or elsewhere – we are one world and one love. Thank you my sweet people, for being, creating, never stopping…