Free Clothes For All

Clothing 2Approximately 300 local Tibetans and Indians came to the event and everybody was allowed to take up to seven pieces. There was something there for everyone with clothing items including men’s and women’s summer and winter wear, shoes, bags, sleeping-bags, shawls, and children’s clothes and toys.

Clothing 3Our primary aim was to help as many people in need as possible so in the run up to the event we put up notices all around Dharamshala.

As well as clothes, Lha collects donations of all kinds from stationery to medicine to pairs of glasses, relying on the generosity of our volunteers, tourists and anyone else who is able to donate. We do not set specific dates for our distribution events, but try to hold as many as possible so once we have sizeable collection we organise a giveaway.
Lha started collecting clothes donations in 2003.

Clothing 4We regularly partnered with the Dharamshala Rotary Club to help people living in slums near lower Dharamshala but this time decided to focus on those living locally to McLeod Ganj.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has donated clothing and other items to Lha so that their possessions can once again come in useful. It means a huge amount to us, and even more so to all those in need.