Lha Celebrates World Environment Day

On 5th June 2016, Lha, in collaboration with Tibet Charity organised a mass clean up to mark World Environment Day. There were more than 120 participants including volunteers, students and staff members who eagerly took part in picking up rubbish around Temple Road.

World Environment Day 2016 1While some volunteers focused on Lingkor Road and the Kora, or circumambulation, around the Dalai Lama’s residence, other cleaned up the roads and forest near Lha’s soup kitchen and Tibet Charity. More than 20 bags of rubbish were collected that were then driven away to the local tip.

World Environment Day 2016 2Lha has been working with many local organisations to keep the town clean and green for several years. Lha’s Environment Care Project works at educating the public through our environment website (www.tibetnature.net), tri-lingual brochures, and organising mass clean-ups.

Lha is so grateful for the cooperation and support of everyone who takes part in our clean up sessions. Thank you very much and your support in our future mass clean-up programmes will be highly appreciated!