Student Exchange Groups in the Month of June 2016

Tulne UniversityAs a part of our Cultural Exchange Programme Lha hosted three different groups of American students in June. The first group included 14 students from Tulane University who stayed in Dharamsala from June 6 to 24.

Tulne University 2They participated in our mutual learning programme and helped our Tibetan students to learn English. The American students also visited many Tibetan institutes and offices to learn about Tibet and its current situation and visited a Tibetan settlement in Bir to find out more about Tibetan refugees.

Louisiana State UniversityOur second and third groups consisted of 29 students from different universities in America. They stayed in Mcleod Ganj for a few days. We coordinated the programme with Rustic Pathways, an American organisation which provides “meaningful student travel and services”, organising volunteer and study programmes around the world.
Tulne University 3The students came to learn about Tibet and its culture, they also helped our Lha students improve their English. In addition to visits and lectures on different aspects of Tibetan life and culture in exile, every group member spent three hours a day with their Lha student partner.

The visiting students were each paired with a Lha student for the duration of their stay to enable mutual learning and an exchange of ideas, as well as an opportunity for one-to-one tuition in English.

We are looking forward to welcoming more student groups next month. We all enjoy meeting and working with young and enthusiastic volunteers from around the world.