Cultural Exchange Groups in the month of July

Lha hosted five different student groups from America who participated in our cultural exchange programme. Rustic Pathways came with three different student groups in July, each group staying in McLeod Ganj for a week to learn about the Tibetan community. For three of those days they helped Lha students to improve their English. Lha hosted a total of 36 students from Rustic Pathways this month.

The Loyola group consisted of 11 students who stayed in McLeod Ganj for a month. They helped Lha students to improve their English and toured around the Tibetan communities in Dharamsala and Bir to learn about Tibet and its culture.

visiting student group
The Lifework group of seven students is here in Dharamsala for two weeks. Every morning they help Lha students to improve their English and in the afternoon they participate in different activities and lectures to enable them to learn more about Tibetan culture and religion.

Rustic path 2016
Through this programme around 30 Tibetan students gained the opportunity to meet foreign students this month and to share their experiences and knowledge about being a Tibetan refugee. In addition, they were able to work on improving their English skills with the help of their visiting student partners.