25th Water filter system installed at Kamrao Tibetan Settlement.

Lha has installed a new water filtration system at Kamrao Gapa Tibetan Settlement. It is the 25th system that Lha has installed under the Lha Clean Water Project and is expected to benefit the health of the 229 residents of the settlement. Our grateful thanks go to the Tibet Relief Fund UK who funded the system, which was opened on June 12.

the new filter

Since 2010, Lha has installed water filtration systems at 25 different sites throughout Northern India. This has contributed positively to the health and wellbeing of Tibetan, Indian and Himalayan communities, mainly in Himachal Pradesh. The total number of beneficiaries of the Clean Water Project to date is around 13,950 people.


The 25 sites include schools, a hospital, an elderly peoples’ home, a library, a nunnery and other high-traffic areas. The reverse osmosis and ultraviolet water filtration systems have been installed along with five hundred liter storage tanks that provide an emergency and reserve water supply during such events as a power outage or water shortage.


The 2016 survey report for this project states that 60% of teachers reported an increase in their student’s’ class attendance after the installation of the water filtration systems in their schools. 79% of students reported an improvement in their overall health when using filtered water.