Cultural Exchange Group in August 2017

On August 24, Lha Charitable Trust students and staff welcomed a group of 11 students and two professors from Tulane University’s School 21106511_1415570101830583_81512212832441028_nof Social Work who visited us under our Cultural Exchange Programme. The group is here in Dharamshala for over two weeks to learn about Tibet and its culture. They have visited Tibetan institutes, museums and the temple to learn about the Tibetan political situation, Tibetan medicine, culture, language and tradition. At the same time they participated in our mutual learning program, helping our Tibetan students to improve their English while gaining first hand knowledge of Tibet.

The group visited Bir Tibetan settlement and the Ningmapa Monastery to experience the daily rituals and lifestyle of Tibetan monks there and joined the monks in some of their rituals and meditation sessions.

They also visited Tso Pema, a small Tibetan and Indian community situated near a sacred lake high in the mountains where monks and nuns live in hermitages while on spiritual retreat.