Lha Charitable Trust is a 12AA non-profit organization based in Dharamsala, India. Founded in 1997 and registered with the state government of Himachal Pradesh as a charitable trust in 2005, Lha is the first organization established with a primary focus on Tibetan social work. Lha is managed by Tibetan refugees who draw their expertise from the experience of living in exile, and is supported by volunteers and generous donors from around the world. Seeking to generate an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation, Lha’s services are open to Tibetan refugees as well as to the local Indian population and people from the surrounding Himalaya region.


Since 1959, hundreds of thousands of Tibetans have chosen to leave their homeland in pursuit of the freedoms and opportunities denied under Chinese rule. Every year, new refugees arrive in India after an arduous journey, carrying only an armful of personal belongings. Countless refugees arrive with little or no education, speaking only Tibetan, and possessing no viable job skills to support themselves and their families. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult for adult and elder refugees to receive an adequate education in India due to strict school system requirements. Lha plays a crucial role facilitating the transition of Tibetan refugees from their homeland to the Indian community by providing long-term rehabilitation and education resources.


Lha is a resource of education and knowledge that provides meaningful, multi-leveled social and educational services for the benefit of others.


Lha seeks to generate an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation within the community by tending to the needs of the impoverished and underprivileged. PURPOSE: To help the Tibetan people survive and prosper in their new home and to preserve their profoundly unique culture. In addition, Lha offers volunteers and students the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service and social work.


  1. To provide a meaningful variety of social services to Tibetan refugees as well as to the local Indian population and people from the Himalayan region.
  2. To provide Tibetan refugees with educational and health services, as well as the skills and assistance needed to build a new life in exile.
  3. To facilitate meaningful mutual learning and cultural exchange experiences between Tibetans, volunteers and groups of students who visit from countries around the world.
  4. To create awareness about the Tibetan refugee situation and preserve the endangered Tibetan culture.


Lha’s primary beneficiaries are Tibetan refugees, Himalayan, Indian and local people who are deprived of educational and health facilities. In addition, Lha serves the general community, through its programs and services, including language classes, vocational skills training, health and hygiene initiatives, environment awareness activities, volunteer services, and cultural exchanges. Please visit us more about Lha.www.lhasocialwork.org