Reflections on Volunteering

Volunteer job at Lha: English Teachers and Grant writing. We arrived in McLeod-Ganj in the middle of the night.  Having just finished a year living in Taiwan, we were completely unprepared for the cold.  We stood at the bus stop shivering, in what we had previously thought were winter coats.  It was pitch black.  The only […]

Gap year colonialism?

Volunteer job at Lha: Teacher and contributing writer. A lot of things have been said recently about volunteering abroad and not many of them are nice. A google search of “voluntourism” brings up multiple articles asserting that volunteer programmes perpetuate negative stereotypes of Western “colonialism”: a new way for the West to assert its power. […]

Dave’s Story

After experiencing Delhi, and inhaling that first breath of busy, smoggy and thick Delhi air, volunteers arriving in Dharamsala, weary and heavy-eyed, will find themselves totally lost in the environment, atmosphere, and people. It is easy to slip into worn clichés when describing McLeod Ganj as ‘home’, but in my relatively short experiences travelling, it […]

Exchange student group from Mexico

From December 7th to 30th of 2012, we hosted our last exchange student group in Dharamsala, visiting students from Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey  Campus Santa Fe (ITESM CSF) Mexico for a cultural exchange program. Under this program we, “Lha”, organised many different activities for them. Since it was their first visit here in […]

Lha’s Clear Vision project 2012

    The gift of vision is something that enriches life and highlights the small pleasures of every day existence; Lha’s eye care project-2012 was put into action in response to the above sentiment. The project is meant to benefit people who have limited resources and are underprivileged in terms of both financial means as […]

Smiling Faces

  We were tired and jet-lagged when we arrived in McLeod Ganj after our journey from Southern Ireland, but awoke the next morning to the surprise of warm, bright sunshine, gleaming on the snow-covered peaks, as we opened the curtains to see our home for the next eight weeks. The forested landscape is reminiscent of […]

Lha’s third Clean Water Project

  On 18th October 2012, The children of Mewoen Tsuglak Petoen (model school*) School can finally reach turn on the tap and get clean drinking water now that representatives from Lha Charitable Trust have successfully installed a brand new water filtration system. The filter is an RO+UV+ UF and TTS, considered one of the best […]