Mass Cleanup

Lha staff, students and volunteers gathered on September 16 for a cleanup around the main temple. Around 60 people took part in the day which was a part of our monthly mass cleanup programme. This monthly mass cleanup takes place every third Saturday and all offers of help are very much appreciated.

Lha’s Clean Water Survey Report 2014

Lha has been installing water filtration systems since 2010 to provide clean water in an effort to combat the problem of poor quality drinking water which causes serious health issues. Sixteen units have been installed in: 11 Tibetan schools, two Indian schools, one nunnery, Lha’s soup kitchen, and one old people’s home. 7,080 people have […]

Lha’s Clear Vision project 2012

    The gift of vision is something that enriches life and highlights the small pleasures of every day existence; Lha’s eye care project-2012 was put into action in response to the above sentiment. The project is meant to benefit people who have limited resources and are underprivileged in terms of both financial means as […]

Free acupuncture treatment at Lha

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine methodology originating in ancient China that treats patients by manipulating thin, solid needles inserted into acupuncture points in the skin. Acupuncture, according to traditional Chinese medicine, helps stimulate these points and can correct the flow of “qi” (life energy, life-force, or energy flow) through channels known as meridians (paths through […]

Contact Magazine Joins Lha

    Lha Charitable trust is proud to announce that it will take over management of Contact Magazine starting in May, 2012! Recognized by Lonely Planet and other international travel resources, Contact has been a very popular, free publication for Tibetan issues and community information in Dharamsala for over 14 years.It is one of the […]

Lha’s Clothing Distribution Campaigns for 2011

Thousands of articles of clothing, shoes and other items are donated to Lha every year. Lha redistributes these articles to the Tibetan Refugee and Indian communities in Dharamsala through large-scale clothing distribution campaigns, which occur multiple times a year. Lha partnered with the Rotary Club Dharamsala to distribute more than 2,000 pieces of clothing to […]