Hallo und Tschüss*

Volunteer Job at Lha: German teacher and Contact news writer By Agnes Kugler Hello, my name is Agnes. I am a student from Austria and I volunteered with Lha for a little over two months. My main purpose for coming to McLeod Ganj was actually to do research for my Masters thesis on Tibetans living […]

Volunteering With Young Children

By Graham and Kristy Henderson The children still talk about the Chinese government. At first, they asked why the Chinese government was so mean to the Tibetans, why didn’t they like Tibetans.  As their understanding grew, they incorporated the story into their games. Sitting in our hotel room one night, they dressed up in “monk […]

German Teacher at Lha

Volunteer name: Angela West-Sharma Volunteer job at Lha: German Teacher at Lha By Angela West-Sharma “Do you meditate? Do you practise meditation?” The question of the young Tibetan, who caught me at the Temples Kora, walking the wrong direction (not clockwise) and patiently answering my questions about buddhism, struck me and made me smile. Yes indeed,