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D. Almeida

”Watching how people with zero computer knowledge use it after a few weeks, which nowadays is essential. They were so happy and grateful! In the advanced classes, I liked how students craved more and more knowledge in their favorite software. I also really enjoyed meeting people with different backgrounds, having students with different backgrounds, and working with Yangzom.” – D. Almeida


S. Lalonde

“The best experience I had was tutoring my student Yangzom Dolma. It was very rewarding to meet and become friends with such an amazing and kind person. I also really loved running the dental and eye care project. I got to meet many wonderful people who, for the next few months, stopped me on the street to say hello. I hope that whoever continues the project finds it as rewarding as I did.”


R. Lindmark

“The welcoming community! Everyone at Lha was open and nice, right from the beginning. Although I didn’t do everything with Lha, I liked the Wednesday movie nights and hiking to Triund. Events like these give volunteers friends in a friend place.”


J. Chalamel

“Getting first hand information about Tibet from my students, as well as discovering the challenges of the Tibetan refugees. The whole experience made me feel that I now want to do more. ”


J. Inglish

“Working with Tibetans has been wonderful! They are the best students and I learned a great amount from them and about myself while teaching and being welcomed into the community.”


F. Dally

“The great, friendly atmosphere among staff and volunteers, most of my students were really motivated and interested in improving their skills in English and French, and Rabsel, the volunteer coordinator, is an exceptionally nice and generous person who makes you feel comfortable as soon as you get off the bus!”


J. Crowe

“The best aspect of my volunteer experience at Lha was getting to know my students. I also learnt a lot about the Tibetan cause. All the staff and other volunteers were very friendly and helpful, which also made it a wonderful experience.”


R. Sorenson

“Lha was able to connect me with students to personally tutor. These relationships have truly shaped my positive experience here in McLeod Ganj. Also Lha’s connection with other organizations helped me find volunteering opportunities that allowed me to work with children and babies.”

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  1. It was amazing to be living in a refugee tibetan house as well as to helping in the soup kitchen. I learn a lot about tibetan cause.
    Fue una experiencia única que recomiendo a quien pueda hacerla. Podéis saber más en el post que escribí: http://bit.ly/28Zh2JH

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